Text Your Ex Back Review 2015: Does it Really Work?

The way a man is incomplete without his dream girl in the same way a girl is also imperfect and lonely without her preferred male partner. When a girl and a man bind into a relationship they never expect it to break. However, there is a solution to this problem which I am going to explain in detail in the article ‘Text Your Ex Back’.

relationship problemWe all have to suffer from a broken relationship with our partner once or more in our lives.However, it is not easy to break a true love and it is irrelevant whether you want to break it or not since it is impossible to separate two genuine lovers.

If you are also suffering from a broken relationship and want it be fixed and that your ex comes back to you, then you must try a special online program called “Text Your Ex Back”.In our article I am going to give a complete review of the “Text Your Ex Back” online program and would try to include as much relevant information about it as possible.

About “Text Your Ex Back” Program

The Text Your Ex Back is a unique online program created by a well-known relationship professional Mike Fiore. Mike Fiore has also appeared on the Rachael Ray Show and many of our users must be aware of him. Fiore has also appeared on various relationship shows and also in some important magazines and newspapers. This was created by him keeping in mind that almost all people love their partners from the heart and want them to come back at all costs.

text-your-ex-backIn the Text Your Ex Back program Mike Fiore has taught his users how to get back their ex by their knees crawling back to them. All they need to do is to text message their ex with their true emotions and love. There have been many users of this program and both men and women have got their ex back with its help.

There are already numerous ex back programs available out there but none of them are as informative and effective as the Text Your Ex Back. Nowadays, almost all people have got a cell phone with them but very few actually know how to write and send an effective text message that can re-build their broken relationship. The Text Your Ex Back teaches a user how to construct an effective and strong message which will almost certainly get their ex back. There are many such templates available with the creators and more are being added each day.

Yes, breakup happens with almost all of us and if we don’t take necessary steps in time to overcome the situation we may lose them forever. And, sometimes there arises a situation when both the partners are ready to reunite but want the other person to initiate. In this program, there would be no such need as you only need to send effective and powerful messages which would make your partner come back even if they don’t know how to patch up.

Mike Fiore has provided his content in almost all forms such as a pdf file, video and an audio clip. This gives an option to the users whether they like to read the content or listen to it on their phone. They can also read this pdf file from the member’s area after logging in to the official website. Even Mike Fiore and his team members understand that every relationship is distinct and there is a separate solution for each problem. That is why users can ask questions directly to Mike and his team from their member’s area. This special program not only makes available the text message template but also focuses on some of the most common errors which people commit while reuniting with their ex. Wrong messages such as Hello or Hi would most probably hurt your chances to get your ex back and so it’s absolutely necessary to avoid them at all costs.

Positives and Negatives

There are some positive points and some negative points of this Text Your Ex Back Program.

The Positive points are as follows

  1. A step-by-step approach to get their Ex Back
  2. The content is delivered in three formats which are pdf, audio file and video clip.
  3. It contains tips for strengthening relationships.
  4. More than 100 text message templates

Here are some of the negative points

  1. It requires a lot of effort and investment of time.
  2. This is not intended for those who want things to happen overnight for them.

The Take Your Ex Back is beneficial for all women and men who really wish to bring their ex back. Every relationship has to face some turbulent times but this unique program would help you patch up with your ex and fix your relationship in quick time.


One important thing to keep in mind though is that this is not a quick fix program and you can’t start sending messages right away from the 100+ template file. This program teaches in an explanative way how to bring your ex back to you and also provides detailed info on the steps you must take to send the right messages in the right way.

With the paid version of the Text Your Ex Back Program user would get a 14 module file which consists of a pdf, video and audio format. A each bonus program which includes four more things which are as follows:

  1. Infidelity Buster
  2. Instant Forgiveness
  3. More than 100 Read-to-Use Text
  4. Secret Facebook Romance

About Guarantee on Text Your Ex Back

The best guarantee on this special program is that you would get your ex back if you follow the recommended steps of Mike Fiore. Another guarantee is that every paid user is eligible for a money back guarantee. If for some reason a user does not find this program to be effective and working he/she has the right to get his/her money returned back. Therefore, your money is absolutely safe and protected and all the users can try it without any risk.

text your ex back video

In the beginning when I was asked to give a review on Text Your Ex Back, I was a bit skeptical to share my opinion. I wondered how one can get their ex back by simply texting some messages to them. But, all my doubts were cleared when I actually tried them in my personal life and reaped fruitful benefits which honestly I didn’t expect.

In this special online program, Mike coaches the users each thing and each aspect of getting your ex back via text messaging and reveals some significant psychological tricks to make your ex come to you without initiating the first step. The coaching is provided through a 14 module file consisting of audio, video and pdf format.

The Text Your Ex Back is a full course which provides a user the following tips and tricks to enable them to get their ex back:

  1. How to bring back your self-confidence since staying depressed and weak would not help you in your relationship.
  2. Help you analyse the reason why your relationship got broken and what exactly was the problem.
  3. Help you to remember all the great moments and memories from your past relationship and events that are actually required in the texts.
  4. Help you change the power dominance between your ex and you to make them listen to you more.
  5. Help you write effective and powerful text messages which are customised based on your relationship and personality traits.

Initially, I expected something very fast and easy from the Text Your Ex Back program. However, I was very wrong in expecting such a quick action because this online program gives a detailed solution to almost all relationship break-ups and uses smart text strategy for the task.

Fiore has included plenty of sample texts which can be used as is depending upon the mood and condition your ex is in. These texts are so effective that no matter what mood, sad or angry, indifferent or happy your ex is in once you send them would surely get him/her to talk to you and eventually return to you.

Money Back Guarantee

Mike Fiore is also offering a 60 days money back guarantee on the program and each user is encouraged to try it out once at least. Speaking of personal experience, once I emailed the customer support team of Text Your Ex Back program demanding my refund and they agreed for it without asking for any reason.

Program Summary

Mike Fiore’s special online program is a unique and powerful method to get your ex back in your life and rebuild your broken relationship. This is an easy and frank method which is definite to work on almost all individuals. Mike Fiore is a well-known relationship expert and has put in his valuable knowledge and personal experiences in creating this excellent new technique of bringing your partner back in your life. So, if you have read this article and think that you also would like to do a patch up in your broken relationship then we highly recommend you taking this program. It can even be tried free of cost owing to a full 60 days money back guarantee that is being offered on it.

There is just a slight shortcoming of this exceptional online program. It does not work overnight for anybody and one has to be very patient and obedient to be able to reap benefits out of it. Also, it works for the shy kind of users as well as they need not necessarily take the first step towards rebuilding the relationship.


8 thoughts on “Text Your Ex Back Review 2015: Does it Really Work?

  1. This program really works. I bought this system few weeks ago. I am following this system and

    getting positive results.Thank you Michael.

    1. Wow! I must say that I am living proof that this system really works. It is an eye opener

      to see how I would normally reply and how needy I was.i must say U should follow the techniques

      given in this.

  2. I was extremely skeptical about this before..I have to say this forum is at least helping me a

    little with some of my questions. Just hope the material works enough to bring her BACK!!

  3. It has changed my whole outlook on life pas and future.I would never trust any random

    testimonial untill it works for me. This program worked for me. I would recommend it to others


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